Foamability without Additional processes - documented completely

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A fully equipped 2KM SilcoStar 904 is an important part of a highly innovative production process: With the partners CHT, EMDE and unipace (research institute of the University of Kassel) and Arburg, a foamable material is processed without additional processes. A density reduction of 35% is the impressive result.

This statement will be seen on all 2KM machines in the future. The promise is impressively put into practice on the SilcoStar 904 used. On board are two extensions that are unique in the industry:


The automatic ink metering system ensures a constant colour throughout the entire production process - right from the first shot. Of course, it integrates seamlessly into the 2KM operating process.

The small box with the big effect ensures traceability of the materials used. Batch numbers, production times and much more information can be read in, stored and passed on via a QR code attached to the container. It could not be easier to document. „On the side“, the CPP.reader of course also checks whet-her the correct material has been set. Mix-ups are avoided and your production chain remains clean.

This has never been seen before: without additional processes, the material mixed with microspheres can reduce the density by up to 35 %. Manufacturer CHT has developed this innovative material together with unipace and brought it to the point of readiness for use. A platinum-catalyzed, hot-temperature-cu-ring silicone rubber, which is also approved for the medical sector, and expan-dable, thermoplastic microspheres, which have a low expansion temperature of approx. 90° C, were combined here. The surface of the finished product is closed-cell.

Such an innovative material naturally places special demands not only on the machines used, but also on the tool. 2KM partner EMDE has met the challenge and produced a tool for series production.

Every single component of the process shown is impressive in itself. In interaction, a solution is revealed which is currently unique worldwide. Contact us if this solution is of interest for your products and processes.